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We are a happily married Canadian couple who are crazy about animals - both wildlife and domestic. We love getting to know your pets, each with their own personality. 


We have a positive outlook on life which overflows into everything we do. 


You can relax in the knowledge that your pets and your home will be well looked after while you are away. 

Our Services


 - House Sitting

 - Pet Sitting


While you are away, enjoying your vacation or business trip, you can be assured that we will keep your home clean and safe. You'll also be able to relax, knowing that your furry family members are in good hands, being loved, spoiled, cuddled, and well taken care of. 


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Trusted Housesitters.com


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Our Motto ~

Live Well, Laugh Often, Love Much!

Alan lives in Ontario, Canada. Originally from the U.K., he moved to Canada in 1989, and has been teaching in the Elementary School system until his retirement in June of 2013, when he was 62. 


In England, he completed a 3-year course in caring for mentally challenged people, and also has a Bachelor of Theology degree.


Alan is a licensed wedding officiant for the Province of Ontario, Canada, and enjoys meeting new people and making new friends. He is known for his sense of humour!



Mark was born and raised in Ontario, Canada.


He worked for many years in a steel mill, but found his passion when he became a Personal Support Worker, looking after the elderly and those with physical and mental challenges, in their own home.


At the age of 63, Mark is thoroughly enjoying his retirement, traveling, hiking, swimming, and doing all things outdoors. 



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